You TV Latest APK for Android

There are many videos playing application available in the android market and all them has repeating same functions and features which does not attracts out mind at all. This thing also goes with the online streaming applications which provides you music, tv series and sports related videos. But its is quite acceptable to say that nothing beat the presence of a Television. So why not watch tv on your mobile? Is this even possible? Yes, it is! With this lovely looking new application called you tv player. although this application is a APK based so this is not available in the play store and you have to download it from other sources.

You TV

This application was predominantly developed for playing video on your phone, but now one can a whole lot more that. In this article we will try to cover all the related information regarding this lovely just go through that there is a lot more to come. Firstly we will discuss about the feature and then will be covering about how to install the application in you device.

A brief about features

This application has many things which would surely excite you, a brief of some is given below.

  • It allows user to view HD quality videos in no time, as many interruptions caused by buffering is no not even an issue for this application.
  • In terms of privacy this application has done quite a good a job. You can keep safe your record with the help of password. • This application has another lovely option of saving videos so that you view them later, any them when want. This would help you to flaunt it among your friends by your video collection.
  • A huge list of Tv programs with various categories like regional, infotainment, kids, sport and news are available. And guess what you will be charge nothing for it. So, not even you happy you wife will also be happy to install it on her phone.
  • It is very easy to run this app, because of its user-friendly interface. Hence no need of learning about the technicalities of using a software.
  • You can easily run video of different with an ease. All the formats such as MKV, 3GP, MP4, MPEG, MOV, FLV, AVI and other formats. It is a quite efficient video player which plays all the video available in your phone.
  • You can cast your videos to the tv with help of Google Chrome cast. This feature will help you to save your money to an extent, and you will be able to view those channels which you weren’t even are spending a lot on subscription.
  • Video quality can be changed very easily from 144p to 1080p, depending upon the speed of your connection. This amazing application is also available on other variant of operating systems such as Windows device or iOS device. So, no worries if you don’t have an android phone.

How to Install Your TV Player APK on Android

You can easily download this APK application by searching on the internet and Direct are also available. But before doing that follow some mandatories of the following.

  • go to the settings of your phone, you already know how to do that. All you just need to drop down the notification bar.
  • search for the security option and select it.
  • there you will see the option for allowing applications from unknown sources, select the option.

Nova TV APK for Android, Firestick, PC & Mac

Nova TV is an Android application to stream movies & TV series. You will get a direct download link to Nova TV APK and complete information about this app.

With hundreds of video streaming applications in the market, it becomes very tricky to find the right one. If you are also facing these problems, then Nova TV APK is for you. Nova TV is an online video streaming application where you can watch all types of movies and TV shows on your smartphone, PC, and smart TV.

What is Nova TV?

Nova TV

Nova TV is an online video streaming application that provides you with the latest movies and TV shows for free. You can enjoy tons of movies of different genres such as Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror, Romance, and others. It also provides you with an ad-free environment so that you won’t get interrupted while enjoying your favorite content. Nova TV provides you multiple links of different qualities, you can also download them using these links to your device storage.

The latest version of Nova TV v1.2.0 APK provides you with more features than any other streaming application. It also provides movies in regional languages. You can also watch movies in your regional languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam, Odia, and Punjabi.

Amazing Features of Nova TV

Free Buffering: The links are available in various qualities from 480p to 1080p. It also works at a low internet connection so that you can get a buffer-free experience.

User Compatible: The UI of Nova TV is very friendly and the dark mode is also available so that you can enjoy it even at night without any problem.

Multiple Video Player: Supports multiple video players including MX and VLC player. You can either watch the videos in Catmouse’s default player or any other of your choice.

No-Root: There is no need to root your device to use it, just download the Nova TV APK file from the link and enjoy the latest videos on your smartphone.

Download: If you want to download any movie, you can simply click on the save button and the video will be saved in your device storage.

Request Media Content: You can also request any movie or show you want and the developer’s team will update the working links of the same.

Safe: 100% legal and safe to use. It doesn’t host any movies but fetches high-quality links from different servers situated all around the world.

Chromecast: Offers Chromecast support so that you can caste your favorite movies and shows on other media devices.

Supported Android Emulators: Nova TV APK supports Android 5.0 or above.

Well Categorized: Nova TV APK is one of the leading video streaming applications where you can watch unlimited movies and tv shows for free. It provides you a plethora of content from different genres like Action, Drama, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, and Horror. You can save your favorite movies or shows by installing a downloader app that will directly transfer the files to your device memory.

How to Install Nova TV APK 1.2.0 application in Android

Follow the steps carefully to download and install the Nova TV app in your Android smartphone:

Download the APK file of Nova TV v1.2.0 from the links given above.
Click on allow the “apps from unknown sources” option.
Go to Settings.
Then visit Security.
After that click to enable unknown sources.

Click on the APK file to initiate the installation process.
Install Nova TV on Android Smartphones
Click on the Install button.
Install Nova TV on Android Smartphones
After that, wait for a few seconds to install the app.
Install Nova TV on Android Smartphones
Wait for a few seconds to scan.
Install Nova TV APK on Android Smartphones
Once installed, click on the Open to launch or tap on Done to launch later.
Install Nova TV App on Android Smartphones
Now, click on the Nova TV icon, launch the application and start enjoying your favorite movies and TV shows

TeaTV Apk Latest Features

TeaTV Apk Latest Features: The latest TeaTV application offers a wide range of features such as being able to preview videos before watching (similar to the approach done by YouTube), and also a built-in AI. The app developers have deployed an AI to properly arrange the videos and web series based on user interest. This makes it easier for users to find interesting movies or TV series as the contents displayed onscreen are tailored based on interest.

TeaTV Apk Latest Features

TeaTV Apk Latest Features

Clean UI – well, a good user interface (UI) is a good indication of how the developers really strive hard to make a top-notch user experience for their products. Thankfully, this is the case with that. The TeaTV features are very simple but good-looking UI which reacts quite well to gestures as with any other commercial streaming services app. It’s classified, and very easy to navigate. Swiping to the left reveals all the content categories and that’s pretty much it. Its straightforward and seamless approach is too good to not give the app a thumbs up. And knowing that this is a free application, makes it even better.

Multiplayer Support – TeaTV has its own third-party media player called TPlayer. It’s available on the Google Play Store and offers a lot of features. However, TeaTV also gives users a choice to use their own preferred media player. When you stream a video on the app for the first time, it will ask you which of the installed media player do you prefer to use (MX Player, VLC Player, etc.)

Safe Mode – in some other commercial streaming services, there’s no way to block adult content from showing up on your screen. And it’s embarrassing if someone accidentally peeks at it and sees something that is NSFW. So it’s always quite handy to have a Safe Mode feature on any media streaming application. TeaTV didn’t skip on this one. They have it. This feature will allow you to automatically hide adult content from showing up on your screen, but it can also be disabled just in case you need some naughty me-time. This isn’t a new feature though. YouTube has been using this for years now, but it’s still a neat feature to have on a free streaming application like TeaTV.

Live TV – well, TeaTV is nothing without its Live TV feature. These channels were pulled straight from cable channels, and TeaTV is streaming it live and real time for free. Not only that, TeaTV is streaming Live TV channels in high-definition (HD) so the quality will still be decent even after you cast it on your smart TV. Note that these are all streaming in real-time, so know the time slot of your favorite shows not to miss it.

HD Streaming – thanks to a faster internet connection, streaming high-definition (HD) content has now been made possible. TeaTV offers all its content in high-definition (HD), which means, casting the content on a larger display will look just fine and will not look like it was shot on a potato camera. However, in case your internet is not strong enough to stream the content in high-definition, it will automatically adjust to the quality which fits your internet speed.

Offline Mode– TeaTV also allows users to download movies and TV Series for offline viewing. This is a very convenient feature if you have a super slow internet speed, and want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the go. I usually save content for offline use a day before I travel just to make sure I have something to watch if I got bored along the way, or if there’s no internet connection in the area I’m traveling to. So this is a very convenient feature for me, and something I would really consider for a media streaming app.

TeaTV Windows Download & Installation Guide

TeaTV Windows is one of the best entertaining applications which comes up with a huge collection of TV Shows & movies for its users. You can stream all of these movies and TV shows in high quality.

The application was originally developed & designed for Android Users but with the passage of time TeaTV APK becomes very popular & now it is available for There are a lot of movies & TV shows available which is far more than enough to delight people who love movies and series. The thing which makes it unique is that you can watch everything for free yes without paying a single penny.

TeaTV Windows Download & Installation Guide

Another amazing fact about it is that the application is available for free to download from for all platforms.

How to Download & Install TeaTV APK for Windows PC or Laptop

TeaTV Windows are the one you use for Android and If you are a tech nerd then you might have the answer to the question “How to run Android Application on your Windows PC or Laptop?” If it is your first time then no need to be worried at all! here is the complete step-by-step guide about how to download & install TeaTV Windows!

First of all, you need to download & install any Android Emulator!
Note: There are several Android Emulators available online but we highly recommend you to download Bluestack Android Emulator.
Once the Emulator downloads & install successfully download TeaTV APK for TeaTV Windows from the link given below.
Open the .apk file with the emulator & it will be installed successfully!
Click on the TeaTV APK & enjoy the latest entertainment content.