Viva TV for PC

Today’s article is dedicated to the people who are looking to turn their PCs into an online streaming platform. As you might know that these days the entertainment is reaching new heights which is why streaming platforms are getting so popular and in demand.

There are some famous streaming platforms out there such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon prime they give their users access to all the content, and with that, they also help make their experience worthwhile with the help of some unique features.

The only hiccup anyone could face with these streaming platforms is that you can only access them if you have paid their monthly subscriptions. Download Viva Tv APK for android.

Most people don’t mind paying the monthly subscriptions but there are people out there that can’t afford to pay the monthly subscriptions.

Therefore they are left to use one of the alternative free options such as a free streaming website. These streaming websites have been giving us access to loads of content for the past few years but they aren’t as progressive as they should have been.

The few problems the user’s face are pop-up ads and the wait for the video to buffer. Therefore today I will be giving you a way better alternative for a paid streaming platform that is Viva Tv which is going to give you the same experience as a paid streaming platform without any monthly subscription.

Features of Viva Tv

Today I will be giving you the guide which is going to help you download Viva Tv on your Desktop but before that, I would like to tell you a bit about the features you will be getting while using this amazing app so you don’t miss out on anything.

Unlimited Shows & Movies:
This is obviously the most important aspect of any streaming platform as you won’t use this platform if it doesn’t have the shows and movies you are looking for.

But I got you covered because when researching for the best free streaming platform I kept this in mind therefore in this platform you will get unlimited content and you can catch up on all the shows and movies you have been missing out on.

To find the content from a particular genre you can select the genre from the list and this will redirect you to the page with all the content that belongs to a particular genre.

You can also watch old shows and movies while using this platform and when it comes to the latest shows and movies you don’t have to worry about waiting as the platform adds the new movies and series as soon as they are released.

The content on Viva Tv is from all around the world which means that you can explore different shows and movies from different cultures. But there is one hiccup language barrier but no worries you will have the option of subtitles which is going to remove any kind of language barrier.

You can choose the language that you understand and start watching whatever you like from all around the globe.

No Buffering:
This platform has been made to give the users the best experience and therefore when it comes to playing the content you won’t have to face any kind of glitches.

When you choose any movie or series it will start playing within seconds without the wait for any kind of buffering. The content is going to be in HD quality that means that you will be enjoying all the content in crisp quality.

No Ads:
It is a free platform but you don’t have to worry about going through any kind of annoying ads. When you play anything it will start within seconds without any pop-up ads. You will have the same experience as any paid streaming app which means no irritating ads whatsoever.

Request Content:
After using the platform and you can’t find the show or movie you would like to watch, Viva Tv has a feature for that too. You can use the feature of requesting content with which Viva Tv is going to add that show or movie on to their platform within 2-3 days.

This is a must-have feature for any streaming platform which is why you will have it in Viva Tv so you don’t miss out on anything. This feature is going to help you have a backup for the times you don’t have internet access or when your internet is not working. You can download the content you like and use it whenever you want.

If you have a limited data plan and no internet connection at home you can use this feature while at Work or School and there you can use their internet to download the shows and movies you like. When you get home you can kick back relax and watch the shows and movies you downloaded without worrying about running out of your data.

Getting Viva Tv on Desktop:
Now let’s talk about the guide which is going to help you download Viva Tv on your Desktop. So without further ado let’s get started:

As you might know that this is an Android app which means that to get it on your Desktop you will need an Android Emulator and the best emulator is BlueStacks which you can simply download on your desktop from the link down below.

After you have download and installed bluestack on your desktop now go to the link down below to download the VivaTv apk file on your desktop.
Now that the file is downloaded on your desktop simply locate the file and right-click on it and choose the open with option and select BlueStacks.
The installation will start and within a few moments, it will be installed on to the BlueStacks platform. You will be able to see an app with the same logo like the one I have mentioned at the beginning of the article click on that and start watching all of your favorite shows and movies.

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